The MIFAS by Grecmip was founded by the encounter of French surgeons with leaders in arthroscopic and so-called minimally invasive surgery of the Foot and Ankle: Dr. De Prado (Spain), Dr. S. Isham (USA) and Prof. Niek Van Dijk (Netherlands).

The MIFAS by Grecmip organizes since 2002 an annual basic course of minimally invasive surgery of the foot and ankle in Bordeaux to train French surgeons in these techniques. This course is dedicated to the forefoot (and hindfoot in arthroscopy), with a theoretical part and workshops on sawbones and specimens.

From 2004, a session dedicated to arthroscopy was added. In 2005, an “Advanced” second course was run to allow the trained surgeons to share their experience.

With the increasing demand for training, a second annual basic course – in english language – was organized in Paris in February 2009. This was intended to be offered each year, specifically to international surgeons. Later it took place in Barcelona with the help of our friend and renowned anatomist Dr. Pau Golanó (1964-2014). This association would allow the understanding and development of new techniques.

In 2007, the MIFAS by Grecmip organized in Arcachon the first International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle, which brought together 400 surgeons from 16 different countries. Then in 2009, MIFAS by Grecmip participated in MIFAS congress in Murcia, Spain organized by Dr. M. Prado. We repeated the experience in Bruges in 2011 and then in Barcelona.

The original small French group MIFAS by Grecmip went global with an international board and faculty. We have members on all continents.