MIFAS by Grecmip Research Grant

MIFAS by Grecmip presents its Research Grant for a dedicated Foot and Ankle Project related to minimally invasive and innovative procedures.


The objective is to assist in the publication of articles in indexed journals on minimally invasive, arthroscopic and percutaneous foot and ankle surgery. These articles may cover basic studies, clinical studies, surgical practices or any other topic related to minimally invasive surgery.

One Research Grant is summoned every year.

Nature and conditions:

– This grant must cover the costs dealing with the expected result of a valuable scientific work: costs depending on the clinical researcher or a statistical company, on the implementation of the study (purchase of Materials) or to the patients’ review, etc.

– The prize-winner will get a sum of up to 6.000 euros.

– This amount will be paid half upon acceptance and half after a manuscript has been accepted in an indexed English-language Journal.

– At least one member of the team must be a member of the MIFAS.


For more information, please contact the secretariat:

To apply the candidate should be able to provide the following:

– A cover letter with presentation of the principal investigator and his/her team.

– The title, type, protocol and methodology of the study, agreement of an ethics committee if appropriate.

– The given time to conduct the study

– The institution where the study will take place

– The estimated budget required

– The deadline for submitting applications is 15th May

And agrees to the following:

– By applying, the main investigator commits himself to cite MIFAS by Grecmip as a source of funding in all presentations or publications of this work.

– The winner will be chosen by vote of the MIFAS by Grecmip Board in June.

– He will be notified within 15 days.

– He will also benefit from assistance of our scientific secretariat.

– The Grant’s amount will be paid by transfer as soon as the conditions are met.